The CSIR ICC hosts numerous leading South African, African, and global business events each year, and is the ideal venue for knowledge-based business events given its location in South Africa’s knowledge hub, the city of Tshwane with its high concentration of research and academic institutions.

The physical location of the CSIR ICC, in the centre of the innovation precinct in Pretoria East, positions it as a fitting hub for networking, both curated and serendipitous, between the diplomatic, academic and science and technology communities aimed at addressing common problems facing humanity.

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The value of business events – through conferences, congresses, trade shows and convention centres deliver broader contributions to destinations, communities, industries, and economies. These acts of knowledge sharing and collaboration are drivers for economic and socio-economic impacts on a community, a specific industry or profession, a destination, and a country.

“Our history, location and track record of hosting knowledge-based business events mean we are well-resourced to offer conference organisers suitable facilities and services. The CSIR ICC understands that it has a direct positive effect on stimulating economic development, creativity and innovation through its facilitation and hosting of knowledge-sharing business events. These are of great benefit to local and regional knowledge communities, as well as the internationally represented diplomatic corps, and the CSIR ICC is set up to provide the best possible setting. We look forward to being able to play an increasingly proactive role in facilitating opportunities to create solutions, and it is exciting to see our country and our continent rising onto the global stage in this arena” – Bronwen Cadle de Ponte, CSIR Conferencing and Accommodation Group Manager.