18 May 2015

The CSIR International Convention Centre (CSIR ICC) just completed refurbishing some of its restrooms with a fresh and exciting new look. The refurbishments are aimed at creating a space which will provide subconscious cues to enhance conference delegates’ experience at the CSIR ICC. The CSIR ICC provides modern and attractive unique facilities to its clients such as its outdoor deck in the natural bush where conference lunches are served in order to allow delegates to refresh their minds during their lunch break. The innovative design of the new restrooms is aimed at providing an atmosphere that supports the Centre’s unique selling point which is its natural setting and the Centre’s marketing tag line, “Inspire Innovation”.

“While restrooms may seem like a strange place to invest funds in innovative design we don’t forget any corner of our building in striving to provide a delightful environment for our conference delegates and other guests”, says Bronwen Cadle de Ponte, General Manager of the CSIR ICC. “From our front entrance through all of our venues with our facilities, products and services we like to wow our guests and keep their minds enthused – there is nothing worse for the outcome of a conference or meeting than boring, bland spaces and catering”, she said.

The refurbishments are part of continuous expansion and renovations the CSIR ICC does on an ongoing basis. The Convention Centre understands the importance of creating an atmosphere that encourages conversations and offer escapism that stimulates creativity. A lot of fun was had by the team of architects and designers who conceptualised the unique new look restrooms.

“Understanding the pivotal role of ‘debate stimulating facilities’ for meetings is one of our priorities. We strive to constantly implement new measures to exceed our clients’ expectations and to be on par, or even ahead of, international standards and trends”, shared Mrs Cadle de Ponte.